Irum Ibrahim from Michigan, USA

The Art of Seeing journey with Peter Sanders was truly an unforgettable experience, absolutely worth all the time and money. Not only do photographers (both amateur and more experienced) learn how to take better photos and see things differently, we also go on a spiritual journey as we redefine the purpose of photography and how we can use it to impact ourselves and others in a positive way. The program was also organized excellently.

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Hannan Mian from London, United Kingdom

To see you have to learn from those that can see, Peter is a master and will lead you to begin seeing in a way that words can not describe. This a course of pure experience!

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Bahieja Gabier from South Africa

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said, “Keep the company of the elderly, ask of the scholarly and spend time with the people of wisdom.”
The art of seeing allows the coming together of good company in a respectable and valuable way. Sidi Peter brings his beautiful light and master expertise that he so generously apportions to the space. Where learning and sharing during master classes with Sidi Peter comes together organically through application and experiential learning.
The art of seeing also affords a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make connections with individuals who have a passion for photography. But also the opportunity to explore the sights and sounds of a new city which the organisers so effortlessly facilitate. There is definitely a different sense of appreciation for learning, experiencing and travelling that comes together, with a level of purpose and prose. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity and I would definitely recommend it (even if you are novice like me, don’t be intimidated) the experience went beyond the level of expectation!!!

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Umar Ali from Lahore, Pakistan

I had the pleasure of attending the first first workshop in Istanbul. It was an amazing experience. Being in the company of a renowned photographer is reason enough to attend. Extraordinary teachers have a way of inspiring their students to see things in a way they didn’t know was possible. Sidi Peter has inspired me in so many way that no small review can do justice. The most extraordinary lessons I learned was the relationship between light and shade; how shadows are an integral part of a human being and not to hide being post processing.

But perhaps the most valuable lesson was something he said in one of his classes that has stuck with me and has changed my outlook towards photography, that every good photograph is a gift from Allah.

This is not a typical workshop, but a journey at the end of which you will InshAllah lean to see the beauty of moments worth preserving through photography.

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Nazira Bibi from London, United Kingdom

Having taken some local photography classes to familiarize myself with my SLR, for inspiration I started searching for artists whose work I enjoyed and came across Art of Seeing.

Someone said ‘knowledge is passed from heart to heart’; meaning that one should always learn at the feet of a master. So Google got sidelined for the most awesome Peter Sanders and off to Morocco I went.

I’ve never travelled alone and found myself in a strange city, strange continent and stifling heat. Despite my fear, the warmth of both Hafsa and Peter brought me and my fellow photography disciples to our ease immediately and so started a most intense and light-filled journey.

We travelled through the souks of Marrakesh, took rooftop mint-teas and bathed ourselves in the sounds of the call to prayer on the first day. We further took in a portraiture workshop and put our learning to task immediately on each other and on complete strangers in the market.

What followed after an incredibly full day, were meandering trips into the mountains to a UNESCO World Heritage Site which we climbed at the break of dawn to see the sun rising over an incredible valley. In addition we took in an off-road experience meeting traditional Berber’s living in caves and tents in the mountain (a MOST humbling experience) and went on into the rose-growing region of Ourzazate where we met women who had formed their own cooperatives and utilised the native Argan Tree to make their internationally wanted produce.

Our group comprised of people from the USA, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Morocco (via Singapore) and also the UK. Our love of learning photography coupled with inspiring locations and the company of both Peter and his wife Hafsa, left little time for sleep and we laughed almost every minute.

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Waseem Sadiq from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

What can I say? I did the art of Seeing twice (specifically in Istanbul) and will definitely gear up for another round in Marocco. Great people, great organisation, great teachers. Well worth the investment.

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Matthew Phillips from Sydney, Australia

The Arts of Seeing Istanbul 2012 was an inspiring event for me. It allowed me to connect with other talented and like-minded people. It gave me access to a spiritual and professional photographer with over 50 years experience and counting. I was able to listen, learn and tap into Peter’s unique qualities on how to get that perfect shot that tells a thousand words. The field trips allow you to practice and receive valuable feedback, and also see some of the hidden places that many would miss. Given the opportunity again, I would have no hesitations.

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Manal Felemban from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Great atmospher, great peaple. Inspiration is every where and in each person you meet on this journy. But if you’re aiming for techniqs and over the top teconlgy, this won’t be for you. Over all a very nicer experiance

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Sheema Majiduddin from New Jersey, USA

The Art of Seeing far exceeded my expectations! Being taught by the master of Photography, Peter Sanders, was inspirational, uplifting, and all and all and amazing experience. Sidi Peter walks you through the journey of photography while helping you discover who you are as an artist and as an individual. You not only learn how to adjust and work with the photographic lens but even more so with your internal lens. Also, the program was organized very very very well and everything from booking the program to attending was done with ease. Bravo to everyone involved!

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Husna Sheriff from New Jersey, USA

It’s a rare gift to be able to spend quality time learning from those that are masters at their craft. Through the Art of Seeing (AoS) program, that is precisely what we were able to do with Sidi Peter Sanders. We benefitted profoundly from his experience, wisdom and knowledge of not only photography but life lessons that remind us of our true purpose. We went beyond the technical aspects of simply taking a picture, and learned how to look at the world around us through our own process of self-discovery_which inevitably results in a bettered ability to “capture the moment.” Just as valuable to the AoS experience are the the people you meet and the friendships forged. In such a short amount of time, deep bonds are formed with fellow participants, simply because of a shared passion. This is a true testament that an invaluable teacher and excellent execution and planning on the part of the organizers results in a brilliant program. This was my second time participating in the Art of Seeing program and I plan on definitely attending again!

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Annie Ozsarac from Istanbul, Turkey

This is an experience not to be missed. Not only do you get to photograph in amazing locations, the input of information combined with practical experience and feedback truly makes this a unique learning (and growing) experience. The organizational details were carefully considered and looked after. I left feeling better about my photography and even better about the world because the positive energy of the group was truly uplifting. I look forward to the next trip.

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Saadia Aslam from New York City, USA

Wonderful experience with great teachers and fellow students. Not “just” a photography workshop, it is an experience in mindfulness & spirituality.

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Ferukh Ahmed from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Art of Seeing workshop is more than a photography workshop. Being in the presence of a legendary photographer like Peter is so inspiring, seeing him in action and hearing him speak how he approaches his ‘object’ is amazing! The organisation choose one of the most photogenic cities to host this event, a must do for everyone who loves photography.

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Wajiha Ibrahim from Michigan, USA

I would participate in AOS again and again if I could! From experimenting with Sidi Peter’s suitcases of camera lenses, to traversing the streets of Istanbul with fellow photographers; I treasure the workshop as an experience that developed my skill set and introduced me to several of the photographers that I regard as friends and mentors today.

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