Alhambra of Granada

April 13 - April 17, 2018

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The world famous Alhambra fort in Granada is one of Peter Sanders’ favourite places where he has spent a lot of time and took some of his most iconic pictures. During our journey in this Andalusian city we will experience the Alhamra under the guidance of Peter Sanders.  We will visit the Alhambra several times during our stay in Granada, this will give us plenty opportunity to get to know the location in depth. Alongside these visits we’ll be conducting several masterclasses. Our hotel is located a few minutes from the Alhambra.

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These are the great gifts you’ll get:

  • Participants give us a 4.9 out of 5 star rating
  • Full access to Peter Sanders
  • Experts on board
  • Unique locations
  • All levels welcome
  • Plenty of time to ask and learn


Peter Sanders

Peter Sanders

Peter Sanders began his career in the mid 1960s as one of London’s key photographers of rock musicians. His pictures of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Who and many others performing are classics of the genre.

In 1970, he set off for India, cameras in hand. He travelled for seven months. This trip became a spiritual odyssey that led him onto Morocco and thereafter to the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, where he photographed the hajj, at a time when few professional photographers had access to Islam’s holiest sanctuaries.

Visit for more about him and his work.

Peter Sanders will be assisted by Floris:

Floris Scheplitz

Floris Scheplitz

Floris was born in 1971 in Germany. During his university study of biology he received a scholarship for The Netherlands. During his PhD he fell in love with photography.

He works as a freelance commercial photographer worldwide with his home base in The Hague. He published several books.


Day 1 –  Friday – Day of Arrival, Granada, Spain

After checking in to your hotel, you’ll have a chance to explore the city on your own or with the other group members who have arrived. Jummah Prayer will be at 2.30 and can be prayed in several of the mosques in the area. One of the Art of Seeing program experts, Floris Scheplitz, will be available for all questions and comments. If you need a quick course on the basics of photography, this will be the perfect time.

We will meet in the lobby at 5 p.m. for dinner with Peter Sanders. This is also the official start of the journey.

Day 2 – Saturday –  First visit Alhambra

From right after breakfast until lunch we will attend the Art of Seeing Master Class with Peter Sanders. After lunch, a local will tell us about the rich history of Granada. After that it’s time to put into practise what we’ve learned during the first visit to the Alhambra palace complex. In the evening we’ll have dinner together and reflect on the day.

Day 3 – Sunday – Second visit Alhambra

We will wake up early in the morning to catch the morning golden hour. After that, we will have breakfast together and then join another master class. After lunch we’ll have our second visit to the Alhambra, with special focus on the beautiful UNESCO Generalife gardens, which are an example of the rural residence of the emirs, built during the 13th and 14th centuries. Once we are back, all attendees will have time to go through their photos up until dinner. After dinner there will be some time, if desired, for feedback on your work.

 Day 4 – Monday – Last visit Alhambra

Right after breakfast, we’ll pay an early visit to the Alhambra once again and explore it with our new insights and skills. Everybody will have time to wander through the UNESCO district of Albaycin, which is a rich repository of harmoniously mixed Moorish and Andalusian architecture.  After lunch we’ll conduct a workshop and master class. After the master class we will have dinner and once again there will be some time, when desired, for feedback on today’s work.

Day 5 – Tuesday – Farewell Day

We’ll use this day to improve our editing skills. Everyone will work on their photos under the guidance of experts. Everybody will choose their three best photos. We’ll close with a big slideshow where Peter Sanders will choose his favorite photo! 


Note: Itinerary is subject to change

What you’ll learn

  • How to shoot in Manual mode
  • How to prepare for a photo
  • Adab regarding photography
  • Portait photography
  • How to make sure the pictures tell the story you want to