Nazira Bibi

Having taken some local photography classes to familiarize myself with my SLR, for inspiration I started searching for artists whose work I enjoyed and came across Art of Seeing.

Someone said ‘knowledge is passed from heart to heart’; meaning that one should always learn at the feet of a master. So Google got sidelined for the most awesome Peter Sanders and off to Morocco I went.

I’ve never travelled alone and found myself in a strange city, strange continent and stifling heat. Despite my fear, the warmth of both Hafsa and Peter brought me and my fellow photography disciples to our ease immediately and so started a most intense and light-filled journey.

We travelled through the souks of Marrakesh, took rooftop mint-teas and bathed ourselves in the sounds of the call to prayer on the first day. We further took in a portraiture workshop and put our learning to task immediately on each other and on complete strangers in the market.

What followed after an incredibly full day, were meandering trips into the mountains to a UNESCO World Heritage Site which we climbed at the break of dawn to see the sun rising over an incredible valley. In addition we took in an off-road experience meeting traditional Berber’s living in caves and tents in the mountain (a MOST humbling experience) and went on into the rose-growing region of Ourzazate where we met women who had formed their own cooperatives and utilised the native Argan Tree to make their internationally wanted produce.

Our group comprised of people from the USA, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Morocco (via Singapore) and also the UK. Our love of learning photography coupled with inspiring locations and the company of both Peter and his wife Hafsa, left little time for sleep and we laughed almost every minute.

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