Husna Sheriff

It’s a rare gift to be able to spend quality time learning from those that are masters at their craft. Through the Art of Seeing (AoS) program, that is precisely what we were able to do with Sidi Peter Sanders. We benefitted profoundly from his experience, wisdom and knowledge of not only photography but life lessons that remind us of our true purpose. We went beyond the technical aspects of simply taking a picture, and learned how to look at the world around us through our own process of self-discovery_which inevitably results in a bettered ability to “capture the moment.” Just as valuable to the AoS experience are the the people you meet and the friendships forged. In such a short amount of time, deep bonds are formed with fellow participants, simply because of a shared passion. This is a true testament that an invaluable teacher and excellent execution and planning on the part of the organizers results in a brilliant program. This was my second time participating in the Art of Seeing program and I plan on definitely attending again!

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